Friday, December 31, 2010

I was excited to recently have been invited to participate in A Bridal and Prom Event in Branford that was produced by Jennifer Kelley Lublin Photography and Suzette Maddox of The Flower Shop

Other participating vendors were Marlene Tompkins (hair and makeup), Aimee Lee (hair and makeup), Maggie Platz (nails), Marcia Hunt (cakes and baked goods), and Lorisa Calloway (I DO Bridal and Prom Rentals).

Models for the day were: Mariah Clayton, Taylor Stevenson, Tonya Burns, Catherine Trisch, Dusti Derringer, and Sara Scaggs.  They all did a wonderful job, as did the hair and makeup artists getting them ready for the day!

The public was treated to an open house as part of the event, and were able to stop by The Flower Shop to pick up a swag bag and meet all the participants.  I had so much fun participating and capturing these amazing images!!

Hope you enjoy:

Flower arrangements by Suzette Maddox - The Flower Shop
Hair and Makeup - Marlene Tompkins and Aimee Lee

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