Monday, November 22, 2010

The Start of Something New

ShutterBugs Photography has been my family's business since it was created in 1999.  I began my journey in photography by working summers, taking pictures of kids playing baseball, with this great company.  I became a full partner with my parents in 2005, and have enjoyed being a part of the business and the many opportunities it has given me.

This past summer, we made the decision to take ShutterBugs to a new level in the youth sports photography market.  We've mixed things up, made website changes, and added a whole slew of new products - all geared towards youth sports which is the speciality of ShutterBugs Photography.

All the new changes didn't look great for the portrait and wedding sections of our website, however.  With the new, very sporty look and feel to ShutterBugs, we made the decision to create a new company - one that would have a complete focus on portrait work.  Studio386 was born.

Studio386 offers unique portrait opportunities for you and your family.  Portraits, weddings, high school seniors, families - I love to photograph life and the people that are in it.  I am proud that I maintain a personal relationship with many of my clients, they feel more like friends.  I would love to meet you and your family, and become the photographer that gives you portrait memories that you will cherish forever.

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